Isnin, 1 September 2008

p/s: don't tell anyone :-p

Don't know how else I want to phrase this but... HOW MUCH STUPID CAN I GET????!!!

The story goes... As soon as i got into my car and started to drive.. my hand started to reach for my mobile.. found it! I was extremely excited.. and began texting... I wrote:
"Nice person.. Not my type.. Yeah.. I guess you're right.. WHAT A RELIEF :-)"

Just when i was about to press the send button, my mobile rang.. Alamak.. hampir lupa la pulak, "my date" was following me and i was supposed to show him how to get to TESCO... answered the call.. and only to find out that I've lost the earlier text.. wrote it again.. pressed send.. which TO MY HORROR.. IT WASN'T GOING TO MY FRIEND... I SENT IT TO MY DATE INSTEAD!!!!

Tuhan saja yang tau.. betapa gelabahnya aku masa tu... I guess if any of you ever watched "Mr Bean the Movie", you must've remember the part where Mr Bean tak sengaja terpadam muka kat painting tu... well.. aku rasa lah ... my reaction at that time was worst than him.. andai korang dapat melihat aku ketika tu.. memang pecah perut korang ketawakan aku..

It was something irreversable.. He is.. a nice person.. He just wasn't my type.. I feel bad.. plus.. it was on his birthday...


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