Selamat Bertugas :-(

Last week Monday aku dah start kerja.. Betapa cepat masa berlalu... dah lebih seminggu kita semua melayari bulan syawal.. perut pun dah mcm memberontak dengan rendang, ketupat, lontong, nasi minyak .. bla.. bla.. bla.. bla.. bla..

A day before i left for holiday, Dave came to me and said, "i've forwarded your proposal and your budget for the staff night out and it was accepted.. HOWEVER.." hmmm.. i thought for a short while.. why is it that i kinda see that i'm going to have more than i am being paid for... "...HOWEVER, our director in the UK has pushed the thing to November and let us have it all in our Annual Dinner.. we have bigger crowd now.."

Alamak!!! to handle 350 people and to organise is just mad... now i am having about 700 people to orgainse and to please!!! how could they??? tak terfikir ke yang aku ni cuma manusia biasa..

  1. Artis... oh artis... its hard to please and to choose the right artis yang betul2 boleh entertain mixed crowd yang datang dari serata penjuru dunia.. not to mention.. different era pulak tu.. 2 of the ones that i have in mind confirmed that they are booked!
  2. Venue... most of the hotels are fully booked! Wedding la.. company dinner la.. and now since the government is back to hotels.. aku betul2 tersepit..
  3. Date.. kalau venue is a problem... tarikh lagi la.. kalau buat weekdays.. people tend to be some kind of "sick" the next day - be either off or off-sick! Weekends.. hotel tak available..
  4. Boss still "raya" in the UK (posa pun dak.. heboh nak balik "kampung" dia).. which has made me landed in a restriction mode to make decision and to conclude.. semuanya.. tentative.. tentative.. tentative.. HOW LA like this???!!!
  5. Event organiser (EO).. this seems to be a good solution.. tak payah pening2.. if they screw up.. you'll just screw them... HOWEVER (i kinda hate this word.. so negative...), people will still screw you for choosing them.. Ironic isn't it ? Even my best friend for 20years more, who happened to be the EO.. main tarik tali dgn i.. Best fren or not.. screw you.. out of my list...

At this very moment.. betul2 rasa macam nak menjerit sekuat hati. Wasted almost 1 whole week only for this thing.. and the clock.. is not ticking backwards!!!

I bet semua tertanya2.. kenapa buat sorang.. kenapa tak delegate.. Well.. nak delegate pun.. I have to confirm semua yang kat atas dulu.. baru boleh delegate.. and budget??? ini lagi la pening...

Last year's Hilmi the Gimmick was great.. Holiday Inn Melaka.. trust me.. they are not professional at all! Everything was.. "oh.. we are sorry.. we cant.. we cant.. we cant.. and we cant.." without even trying... even for simple place card.. "we cant..", for god sake! its just a simple place card to put on the stupid VIP table (mind you.. not the VIP that are stupid.. the table is..) how hard is it to do that??? I got extremely angry working with negative people.. please.. bottom line is.. we pay you to accommodate us.. not we accommodating you!! Get that right! apa2 pun.. Holiday Inn.. totally red carded!

AA who is our accountant.. always refer me as "Customer from HELL" - and she's my best friend.. Well that is not entirely true at all.. Now.. I'm a very nice person.. HOWEVER.. don't even think of saying that "you cant " before trying.. It would trigger the HELL in me.. :-) People get angry for reason.. bukan suka2.. be positive.. or just be gone :-)

Its end of week.. praying for better week next week.. harap2.. teman2 yang dah mula bekerja.. life is treating you better..

Kerja itu ibadah.. Jangan Tido ;-p