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Kena TAG.. :-)


1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves
3. At the end of the post the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and to ask them to play and read your blog.

Date: 08-11-2008 Starting time: 0657hrs Ending time:

Nor Ismah Abdullah (don’t tell anyone k…)
Sister: 2 (lin and dik yang)

Brother: Used to have 3 (now fendi and norez). My late brother passed away in 2006. Al-fatihah..
Shoe size: 7.5 (kaki mcm kapal kata my fren)
Height : 5' 3"
Where do you live: Paya Rumput, 78000 Alor Gajah, Melaka - Malaysia
Have you ever been on a plane: Yes

Swam in the ocean: hate air masin.. and sticky sand
Fallen asleep at school: during colleage years… LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of time… pensyarah boring!
Broken someone’s heart: countless times… (mak garang oooo.. mana boleh main cinta.. BELAJAR !!! kata mak…)

Fell off your chair: I know someone who ever did…
Sat by the phone waiting someone's call: heh.. heh.. heh..
Saved e-mails: berlambaks!
What is your room like: reflects my personality (?).. bersepah!! hahaha

What’s right beside you: My mobile, my cheque book, my facial toner, contact lense cases, on and on and on and on… (I’m on my bed with all these things…)
What was the last thing you ate: Mee Bandung..

Ever had... chicken pox: When I was 11.. time tu stay di Kangkar Tebrau, Johor..
Sore throat: Almost all the time.. too stress I guess.. immune system down.. ha ha..
Stitches: jari telunjuk tangan kiri.. when I was 3, my late brother (he was 5 then) chopped pokok pisang kat belakang rumah… and me.. was helping him holding the pokok pisang.. WAAAAAAAAAA… and other places which I rather not mention.. ;-P
Broken nose: hidung ni memang dah sediakala tak mancung.. bukan sbb lain
Do you believe in love at first sight: yeah.. rite... crushes yes… not love… NO
Like picnics: so so..
Who was/were... The last person you danced with: hmmmm… my crazy frends… at peter’s birthday party…
Last made you smile: yesterday morning when they say I’m no longer numero uno… someone else has taken over... (Big HA! :-))… AT LAST!!!!
You last yelled at: ChanChan (my cat).. it left its “personal” belonging merata2 this morning.. :-)
Today did you... Talk to someone you like: a..haaa.. ;-p
Kissed anyone: Big HUG and KISS… KISS… KISS… all my little bosses.. (Sara, Aiman & Danial) - seperate list of names is available upon request.. ha ha ha ;-)
Get sick: Sick? Definition of SICK… Hmmm… too universal… at the moment, I am sick of a lot of things…
Talk to an ex: Last raya when he came to take the kids…
Miss someone: Someone? More like some two… some three… some four… some on and on and on…
Who do you really hate: hate is too strong word… GERAMMMM… is more like it…
Do you like your hand-writing: I love my shorthand better… can’t even read my own handwriting…
Are your toe nails painted: used to when I was in my younger years… (my mom used to do this for me when I was 3, 4, 5…)
Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in: No one! I love my bed 100%. Balik kampong also I have my own ‘bedding set’ with me..
What color shirt are you wearing now: not t-shirt… but.. yes.. red..
Are you a friendly person: I have no problem working or associating with people so far.. Well except for Ms RM9k – The Manager… I guess I failed the question… :-(
Do you have any pets : 2 Cats – ChanChan and PohChin
Do you sleep with the TV on: Never.. Never.. Never..
What are you doing right now: Obviously… need I answer this q?
Can you handle the truth: I am a very calm and compose person.. I guess yes…
Are you closer to your mother or father: My KIDS.. I tell them everything…
Do you eat healthy: Now.. how do you think I can maintain my figure still? Luck? ;-p
Do you still have pictures of you & your ex: MAK GAARANG ooooo… TAKUTTTT… I do not keep any evidence………….
If you’re having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to: Who? More like what… My laptop.. and all my journals… Most of the time, I'll just go home, reflects and go to bed..
Are you loud or quiet most of the time: I don’t hide behind bushes.. Moderate.. In between.. see situation la..
Are you confident: Appearance wise.. Big YES.. (does this count?)
5 things I was doing 10 years ago:
1) I was happily married ….
2) We were staying in Labuan
3) Aiman was turning 3.. and he was progressing good.. less visit to hospital (Alhamdulillah)
4) I was 28 then..

5) We had our 1st mobile phone (ha ha.. WOW and… WOW again..)
5 things I would do if I were a billionaire:
1) Have to agree with all… HUTANGS…
2) Give my mom lots and lots and lots of money… (sorry mak.. anak mak bukan billionaire yet… :-( only thousandaire… tu pun small small thousands… wakakaka)
3) Amal jariah…
4) Live a simple life…
5) ***** stuck… like I’ve said… I’m a very simple person… can’t think of anything else… duit dah banyak sangat!!!!! Wakakakaka…
5 of my bad habits: HA HA… I CAN GIVE YOU MILLIONS!!!
1) Panas Baran – I just walked out…
2) Pelupa – goes with the age i guess..
3) Garang at times – SHOULD HAVE BEEN ALL THE TIME... HMMMM..
4) Not organize – Irony of things… I organize people.. and me?.. tunggang langgang!!!
5) Malas bila di rumah… (Sorry baby.. ibu penat!!!!!!)
5 places I've lived/livin:
1) When I was small –
- Johor: Tg Adang, Pasir Gudang, Kota Tinggi, Kangkar Tebrau
- Melaka: Kem Terendak – Where I got my finger chopped
- Perak: Taiping
- Selangor: Beremban, Sg Besi, Ampang
- Wilayah Persekutuan
2) When I was a teenager:
- Johor: Kangkar Tebrau
- Negeri Sembilan: Port Dickson
- Penang: Bukit Mertajam
3) ITM Years:
- Penang, Kelantan, Pahang, Johor again (Johor Jaya)

4) Single years:
- KL
- Seri Manjung (met someone I love dearly and we got married)
5) Married years:
- Seri Manjung, Perak
- KL
- Labuan
- KL
- Seri Manjung, Perak – Butterworth, Penang (dua dapur this time)
- Alor Setar, Kedah – Sg Petani, Kedah
- Kulim, Kedah
- Kulim, Kedah – KL
- Kulim, Kedah – Port Dickson, N Sembilan

I am now membawa diri di Melaka… until further notice that is…

What do you really want to do right now ? Nothing at all… Just nothing…

What do you really wish for? Scared to make a wish… Scared of not getting what I am wishing for… :-(

The 5 people I liked to tag: Bersediaaa. Jawab Jangan tak jawab...
;-p ;-p ;-p
1. Firnasya
2. Ummi
3. Hady
4. Watie
5. Romzi

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hady berkata...

already answered that TAG
in my previous post
(lega, xyah karang novel TAG lagi sekali)

romzikhalid berkata...

Hady...kau pun terbabit...
sori...i belum bersedia...
sebenarnya i tak tau nak jawab...bagi masa...

payarumput21 berkata...


hmmm.. tak aci.. tak pe lah.. awak terlepas kali ni..

tak pe.. take your time.. i'm sure..semua akan sabar menanti.. jawab jangan tak jawab..

wati berkata...

I jawap lepas si ain SPM (besok start) OK sayang

payarumput21 berkata...


Wati Sayang... I TUNGGGGGUUUUUUUU... he he he..

I turut mendoakan.. Mudah2an anak you dapat menjawab dengan tenang.. Insya Allah..

AmirHaddatsa berkata...

panjang+merbahaya tag nh..

jom baca quran

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