Rabu, 18 Mac 2009

Still Alive?????

Received this from my ex-boss today...

Hello Nor,

just to check if you are still alive down there in Melaka? How the things are going? Any news to share?

Thanks & Regards
Stefan R D

These past few days my mind, for some reason asik teringatkan my ex-boss... He was not happy when I decided to decline the company's offer to extend my contract back in 2006.. Reason being is that, I've received a much better offer then.. plus.. to me.. its time to move on as the project has completed.. and he is due to go back to Germany at that time...

He told me that he'll be back to Malaysia soon and wish that I stay with the company.. and still work with him when he is back.. but.. my response was.. "we'll see how things are when you're back.."

Later.. I ended up resigning from the Japanese company due to better offer received from the company I am now working.. and once a while wonder if, he still remember me.. his ex-secretary.. hahaha..

Stefan suprised me when he called me all the way from Germany.. just to tell that he will be in Malaysia soon and asked if I still want to work for him.. My heart leaps.. But.. in the end, he was quite sad because I declined..

It has been almost 2 years now... and each time he made plan to come to Melaka to visit me.. I kind of freak out and try to find all the excuses in the world just to make sure that he didn't ... And.. Stefan still be calling me to ask me and of my doings...

Last call i received was when Stefan called me again last January to tell me that he is getting married.. and.. the news was a little shocking to me.. he told me that ever since he came back.. he has not given the chance to see me.. at all.. and really hope that i can come to attend his wedding ceremony.. "please come.. I really want you to come.. I want to see you.. I want to see familiar faces.. don't say no.. come.." was his exact sentence.. but.. I didn't... nor did i send him emails or call or text..

Not that i don't want to.. but simply because i do not know what to say..

Receiving his email this morning made me feel very bad.. especially.. when these past few days.. for only god knows the reason why.. ingatan tu.. selalu teringat pada Stefan.. and.. pagi tadi.. aku beranikan diri.. angkat phone.. utk bercakap dgn Stefan..

Stefan told me that he is due to go back to Germany in May.. and.. was really upset that.. for the 2 years he is here.. not even once he had the chance to see me.. and hope.. this time around.. for old time sake.. I'll say yes..

But.. the only thing I did was.. again... changed the subject..

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Ummibatrisya berkata...

so sweet!

may be, this time, you have to say yes :)

hady berkata...

cakap je

"I do.."

(eh jap, itu macam kalau terima proposal kawen, eh, entah entah dia suka kat akak tak?)

mother of two berkata...

setuju..... !!!!!
apa2pun.. semoga akak bergembira selalu:)~

payarumput21 berkata...

Salam Ummi..

May be not.. Tengok la keadaan..


payarumput21 berkata...

Salam Hady..

Hahaha..I do NOT..

Suka kat akak?? haha.. banyak nak kena fikir tu..

Lagipun.. sapalah kit orang nak suka (eh.. belah pantai timur.. kalau "nak suka" = nak ketawa.. hahaha) kita org kampung..

payarumput21 berkata...

Salam Shiela..

Akak pun SETUJU!!!.. hahaha :)

Sekarang ni pun tengah bergumbira..

jane berkata...


macam suka je........

jom baca quran

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