More than average..

this is just for humor... :)

Salam All... **hmmm... still ada org ke kat luar tu..** Akhirnya.. setelah berminggu2... bersugul dengan situasi sekeliling.. I've decided to come out from my "basement".. and do whatever i always do..

Today.. I realise that.. I may be far.. far away from perfect.. but still.. I AM MORE THAN AVERAGE.. :)

Which.. has made me landed on my lighter side..

Tak sabar nak tunggu esok.. sebab esok budak2 balik.. selepas menghabiskan hujung minggu bersama EnAyah..

Sepanjang2 shutdown nie.. jadual kerja aku jadi tunggang langgang.. and it was well noted that during shutdown most of us are not allowed to take any leave *unless agreed by leads and there's people covering us of course**.. working hours for most of us is EVERYday.. no weekend.. no PH.. and lucky EnAmat pulak.. sepanjang2 shutdown nie.. dia kerja shift malam.. and it was just like passing baton for us.. I'l come in the morning.. pass the car key to him.. he'll drove off.. and in the afternoon... He'll come.. pass the car key to me.. and me'll drive off..

And this morning, EnAmat came home saying, "sorry.. malam ni kerja la.. tak off.." Adoi laaa... there goes our plan nak berCNY.. hahahaha.. *sorry Julie.. I know that you're not feeling well but.. can't visit you dear..**

p/s: Ana.. kalau jadi datang Melaka.. bagitau tau...

p/s again: Oren.. kalau membaca.. thanks :)


DrSam berkata…
Have a nice holiday and long weekend.
mother of two berkata…
ha... update dah dier....:)