Rabu, 2 Mac 2011

Stay at home mom wanna be...

Muhammad Imann Khaled... selepas 3 minggu... puas berbedung... and tak dan 5 mins.. mcm ni la rupanya... haihhh..

As i sat in front of my lappy... browsing my fb.. thinking of what to put there as my status.. suddenly terfikir... why can't i just be a stay at home mom... why is it that i have to go to work... i know that i would love it so very much tending for my kids every needs and of course the new comers... **sighhhh...**

Seriously speaking... I miss all the times when i used to stay at home with the kids.. and with Muhammad Imann Khaled's arrival.. I suddenly feel so bad that once my 60 days of maternity leave is over.. I'll have to leave him with strangers...

I envy all those women that have the chance to be a stay at home mom... It is a hard work you are doing there.. comparing to the things we office ladies are doing.. and it takes a lot of patience.. which I do not have most of the times.. to be a stay at home mom..

To all stay at home moms out there... don't ever feel that you are lesser than us who goes out every morning and leave our kids to other people to take care... and don't feel sad thinking that we are better than you just because we receive "gaji" at the end of the month.. while you didn't.. Honestly speaking.. the gaji does not mean anything compare to the sacrifices you made day in.. day out..

p/s - tengah sedih fikirkan Muhammad Imann Khaled yg bakal ditinggalkan nanti... huk huk..

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