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Dah lama tak pergi amek gambar... the last photography session i had was like... I've spent almost half a day of my Saturday taking photos.. it was an assignment i got from a law firm to take photo to be published for their new website.. I have to admit... aku lebih prefer amek gambar object mati rather than people.. you can't really work with people if.. they are not ready.. that day.. most of the shots i had was totally crap... i didn't get the feeling i want to see from the photo i took.. (chewah... bunyi mcm professional photographer jer... padahalnya... tak de benda pun..).

Gambar dah edit.. result? not up to my expectation.. I didn't get the feel i want from the photo taken.. thinking of having a re-shoot session.. tengoklah.. bulan2 posa ni.. mesti letih nak senyum loyar (lawyer) kita tu..

I am sure that many of you took better pictures... still... Perhaps teman2 nak tengok my photo collections... well.. tak banyak pun yang diposted.. follow the link ya..


mother of two berkata…
saya pun suka amik gambar:)