Ahad, 22 Mac 2009

Manisnya Sebuah Pengorbanan..

Kak Sal merupakan seorang ibu tunggal kepada 5 orang anak.. Aku kenal Kak Sal ni sebab dia lah yg banyak tolong aku.. menjadi pengasuh.. menjaga anak2 aku satu masa dulu..

Cerita Kak Sal aku kira memang sungguh sedih.. Kak Sal ditinggalkan suami.. gara2 pembantu rumah dari seberang.. Apa2 pun aku bukan lah untuk bercerita pasal kepincangan rumahtangga orang.. diri aku sendiri pun tunggang langgang.. tak perlulah aku nak menyibuk hal orang..

Sedihnya cerita Kak Sal ni sebab.. ditinggalkan suami begitu saja.. tanpa nafkah untuk anak2nya yg ketika itu semuanya masih kecil.. Siang hari Kak Sal menjaga anak2 jiran.. Malam hari, Kak Sal mengambil upah mencuci pinggan mangkuk di kedai makan.. Tak cukup itu.. balik dari mencuci pinggan mangkuk.. Kak Sal akan buat kuih hingga lewat malam untuk dijual pada esok pagi.. Macam tu lah Kak Sal setiap hari untuk meneruskan hidup diri sendiri dan anak2..

Ada pernah satu ketika.. cuma ada seekor ikan saja yang hendak di beri makan pada 5 mulut kecil.. Kak Sal hancurkan ikan tu dan masak lemak cili api.. Bila ditanya.. jawabnya, "ikan tu ada tulang.. mama tak nak anak mama tercekik tulang.." Aku jadi sedih sangat2 bila tau apa yang Kak Sal buat..

Along masuk universiti.. Kak Sal masih lagi bertahan.. Angah.. yang baru lepas SPM.. batalkan niat nak sambung belajar.. alasannya.. "Mama susah.. Angah tak sampai hati nak susahkan mama.. Angah nak kerja.. bantu mama" yang memang kebetulan ketika tu ada kerja kosong di tempat kerja aku.. dan memang rezeki Angah yang di tentukan tuhan.. bekerjalah Angah..

Pesan aku pada Angah.. "Satu je Cik Isma nak Angah ingat.. kerja betul2.. and yang penting sangat2.. Angah jangan sekali2 lupa Mama.. susah payah Mama.. ingat adik2.." and Angah cuma senyum angguk.. Sememangnya Angah anak yang baik..

Guess what?.. Angah tak pernah lupa pesan Cik Isma.. Dalam usia semuda 26 tahun.. Angah sekarang ni dah jadi Manager.. Angah dah 2 tahun di Australia.. Bekerja dengan syarikat international.. Alhamdulillah...

Along dah lama grad.. Kak Chik pun dah hampir habis belajar di universiti.. Ieka baru lepas SPM.. semua Angah yang bantu.. Kak Sal dah beberapa kali Angah bawak bercuti keluar negara.. and.. bulan July nie.. khabarnya.. Angah akan menetap di UK pulak..

Hanya Allah saja yang tau cerita airmata Kak Sal membesarkan anak2..

p/s - Kata Angah dalam email yang dihantar pada aku semalam.. "Cik isma bagi la kat abgah resume. Abgah test sangkut sangkut kan. Hehe" Buat hati aku rasa sayu.. teringat hari aku hantar dia pi interview.. 7 tahun lalu.. dalam hujan lebat.. ribut.. Angah basah kuyup.. lencun (**ehem.. faham ke makna lencun?**) and petang tu.. wallet Angah pulak hilang.. Dugaan sungguh..
Teringat kata Kak Sal pada aku satu petang.. "Abgah kata.. nak belanja Cik Isma makan satay first gaji nie.."

Rabu, 18 Mac 2009

Still Alive?????

Received this from my ex-boss today...

Hello Nor,

just to check if you are still alive down there in Melaka? How the things are going? Any news to share?

Thanks & Regards
Stefan R D

These past few days my mind, for some reason asik teringatkan my ex-boss... He was not happy when I decided to decline the company's offer to extend my contract back in 2006.. Reason being is that, I've received a much better offer then.. plus.. to me.. its time to move on as the project has completed.. and he is due to go back to Germany at that time...

He told me that he'll be back to Malaysia soon and wish that I stay with the company.. and still work with him when he is back.. but.. my response was.. "we'll see how things are when you're back.."

Later.. I ended up resigning from the Japanese company due to better offer received from the company I am now working.. and once a while wonder if, he still remember me.. his ex-secretary.. hahaha..

Stefan suprised me when he called me all the way from Germany.. just to tell that he will be in Malaysia soon and asked if I still want to work for him.. My heart leaps.. But.. in the end, he was quite sad because I declined..

It has been almost 2 years now... and each time he made plan to come to Melaka to visit me.. I kind of freak out and try to find all the excuses in the world just to make sure that he didn't ... And.. Stefan still be calling me to ask me and of my doings...

Last call i received was when Stefan called me again last January to tell me that he is getting married.. and.. the news was a little shocking to me.. he told me that ever since he came back.. he has not given the chance to see me.. at all.. and really hope that i can come to attend his wedding ceremony.. "please come.. I really want you to come.. I want to see you.. I want to see familiar faces.. don't say no.. come.." was his exact sentence.. but.. I didn't... nor did i send him emails or call or text..

Not that i don't want to.. but simply because i do not know what to say..

Receiving his email this morning made me feel very bad.. especially.. when these past few days.. for only god knows the reason why.. ingatan tu.. selalu teringat pada Stefan.. and.. pagi tadi.. aku beranikan diri.. angkat phone.. utk bercakap dgn Stefan..

Stefan told me that he is due to go back to Germany in May.. and.. was really upset that.. for the 2 years he is here.. not even once he had the chance to see me.. and hope.. this time around.. for old time sake.. I'll say yes..

But.. the only thing I did was.. again... changed the subject..

Isnin, 16 Mac 2009

Why PIG FAT is not mentioned but CODE(S) are printed?


Few times i've received this forwarded email with regards to the issue.. and I believe, if not all.. some of my friends out there ever received the same.. forwarded to them. The following content of this email is also posted at PPIM's website @ http://www.muslimconsumer.org.my/ppim/news.php?extend.509

I'm forwarding this as received... Sama2lah kita beringat... :)


PIG FAT By Dr. M. Amjad Khan

In nearly all the western countries including Europe, the PRIMARY choice for meat is PIG. There are a lot of farms in these countries to breed this animal. In France alone, there are more than 42,000 Pig Farms. PIGS have the highest quantity of FAT in their body than any other animal. Europeans and Americans try to avoid fats. Thus, where does the FAT from these PIGS go? All pigs are cut in slaughter houses under the control of the department of food and it was the headache of the department of food to dispose of the fat removed from these pigs.

About 60 years ago, these fats were burnt. Then they thought of utilizing it. First, they experimented it in the making of SOAPS and it worked. Then, a full network was formed and this FAT was chemically Processed, Packed and Marketed, while other manufacturing companies bought it. In the meantime, all European States made it a rule that every Food, Medical and Personal Hygiene product should have the ingredients listed on its cover. So, this ingredient was listed as PIG FAT. Those who are living in Europe for the past 40 years know about this. But, these products came under a ban by the ISLAMIC COUNTRIES at that time, which resulted in a trade deficit.

Going back in time, if you are somehow related to South East Asia, you might know about the provoking factors of the 1857 CIVIL WAR. At that time, Rifle Bullets were made in Europe and transported to the sub-continent through the Sea. It took months to reach there and the gun powder in it was ruined due to the exposure to sea. Then, they got the idea of coating the Bullets with fat, which was PIG FAT. The fat layer had to be scratched by teeth before using them. When the word spread, the soldiers, mostly Muslim and some Vegetarians, refused to fight. Which eventually lead to the Civil War. The Europeans recognized these facts, and instead of writing PIG FAT, they started writing ANIMAL FAT.

All those living in Europe since 1970's know this fact. When the companies were asked by authorities from the MUSLIM COUNTRIES, what animal fat is it, they were told it was COW and SHEEP Fat. Here again a question raised, if it was COW or SHEEP Fat, still it is HARAAM to MUSLIMS, as these animal were not SLAUGHTERED as per the ISLAMIC LAW. Thus, they were again banned. Now, these multinational companies were again facing a severe drought of money as 75% of their income comes from selling their goods to Muslim Countries, and these earn BILLIONS OF DOLLARS of Profit from their exports to the MUSLIM WORLD. Finally they decided to start a coding language, so that only their Departments of Food Administration should know what they are using, and the common man is left in the dark. Thus, they started E-CODES. These E-INGREDIENTS are present in a majority of products of multinational firms including, but not limited toTOOTH PASTE, SHAVING CREAM CHEWING GUM, CHOCOLATE, SWEETS, BISCUITS, CORN FLAKES, TOFFEES, CANNED FOODS & FRUITS, SOME MEDICATIONS & MULTI-VITAMINS

Since these goods are being used in all MUSLIM Countries indiscriminately, our society is facing problems like shamelessness, rudeness and sexual promiscuity. So, I request all MUSLIMS or non pork eaters to check the ingredients of the ITEMS of daily use and match it with the following list of E-CODES. If any products has been listed with these codes please do not buy them since the source of fat is PIG FAT. Therefore, it is good if every Muslims are to remember these codes (and beat those unscrupulous capitalist at their own game).!

E100, E110, E120, E140, E141, E153, E210, E213, E214, E216, E234, E252, E270, E280, E325, E326, E327, E334, E335, E336, E337, E422, E430, E431, E432, E433, E434, E435, E436, E440, E470, E471, E472, E473, E474, E475, E476, E477, E478, E481, E482, E483, E491, E492, E493, E494, E495, E542, E570, E572, E631, E635, E904.

Dr.M.Amjad Khan
Medical Research Institute
United States


Note: I've photocopy, laminate and carry them in my wallet all the time..

Rabu, 11 Mac 2009

FWD Message ~ Berhati2 Dgn Produk Ini

Imej yg dimuat turun dari blog Rozzan @ http://rozzan.blogspot.com/

Aku menyinggah ke rumah Mat Gebu @ http://tiffinbiru.blogspot.com/2009/03/jangan-beli-produk-ini.html... and his Amaran buat semua yg beragama Islam supaya berhati2 dgn produk ini yg aku kira memang elok utk dipanjangkan.. Terima kasih Mat Gebu..

Perhatikan kandungan yg digunakan.. amat meragukan...

Terima kasih juga kepada empunya blog Rozzan @ http://rozzan.blogspot.com/ yang perihatin.. dan berkongsi info dgn kami2 ini..

Bukan produk yang dihasilkan di Malaysia...

Untuk cerita penuh.. boleh baca di halaman ini http://rozzan.blogspot.com/


Cabaran Bermula..

"Bismilahirrahmannirrahim...!!!" ucap Aiman sebaik saja kereta kami sampai ke simpang tiga menuju ke jalan besar.. and.. sesekali mendengar suara Aiman menarik nafas lega..

Kenapa eh??? Hehehe... Aiman risau aku hanya memandu menggunakan tangan kiri.. tanpa bantuan dari tangan kanan.. Mujur kereta ni automatik... seandainya manual... aku mungkin benar2 patah sayap...

Apa2 pun.. Alhamdulillah.. ianya tak lah sesukar yg aku duga..

Kesukaran paling ketara.. dan paling aku takut ialah ketika hendak membelok.. apatah lagi untuk membuat pusingan u.. dan oleh sebab itu juga.. kami buat "test drive"... and merancang jalan yg "selamat" bagi aku yg sedang kekurangan.. haha..

Hari ini.. dah dua hari segala2nya berjalan dengan baik.. Syukur aku utk itu... kami semua bersetuju utk keluar lebih awal.. untuk mengelak kenderaan lain.. aku juga mengambil jalan yg sedikit jauh supaya aku tidak perlu membelok.. sebaliknya menggunakan round about di pekan Alor Gajah utk kesekolah Aiman & Sarah..

Aiman dan Sarah yang pada asalnya ber ia2 tak benarkan aku memandu dan bersiap utk ke sekolah dengan kenderaan awam kerana bimbang.. akhirnya mengalah.. Tak sanggup rasanya nak biarkan anak2 aku menunggu bas dalam gelap pagi hari.. dan.. tidak melihat dengan mata sendiri.. anak2 aku selamat sampai..

Utk teman2 ku yang di luar sana... Terima kasih atas segala doa2 kalian.. Insya Allah.. aku ok.. Apa2 pun.. aku hanya memandu bila perlu... tak perlulah merasa bimbang..


Isnin, 9 Mac 2009

Patah Sayap.. Ku Terbang Jua.... :'(

Nenek (**panggilan kami semua pada mak..**) dah balik Johor semalam :'(

Aku rasa tersepit... antara dua rasa.. Tarik nafas panjang2... Rasa nak meraung sekuat ati...

KataNorez: Kesian Kak Ngah.. tak kan abah nak suruh mak ikut balik gak...

KataAbah: Jannah rindu nenek.. tak de sapa nak jaga..

KataNorez: Mama diakan ada.. KakNgah nie.. apa pun tak boleh buat.. anak dia.. makan lagi.. takkan nak suruh dia drive.. nak angkat sehelai kertas pun tak boleh.. Ishhh.. Biar la mak kat sini 2 minggu lagi ke...

KataFendi: Yea la bah.. Kang.. elok nak baik.. jadi yg bukan2 pulak...

Kata Abah: Tak.. nanti next week, I'll send your mom to stay here.. Jannah tak sihat.. bla.. bla.. bla.. **kata abah pd aku**

Aku yg dari tadi diam.. "Tak pe lah.. pandai2 kak ngah la nanti.." kata aku perlahan. "Tau la org nak hidup.." Norez ngan Fendi.. geleng kepala.. aku bangun and terus masuk bilik.. air mata pun mengalir tanpa dapat aku tahan...

Aku rasa tersinggung sgt2.. hati rasa merajuk sgt2..

And this morning.. woke up.. the first thing that cross my head was.. "Patah Sayap.. Ku Terbang Jua.."

*** Sigh ***

Kita makan dulu!!!!!! Hahaha... Our brunch .. Tortillas with egg fillings.. and teh tarik.. by Sara :)

Apa2 pun.. nenek dah banyak tolong aku & budak2.. think positive..! think positive..!

Selasa, 3 Mac 2009

:( Keupayaan Ku Terbatas ~ Myself & Operation

The first thing I noticed after the operation took place was my hand and the whole arm feels good.. NO NUMBNESS AT ALL.. Alhamdulillah... However.. off goes the numbness.. hey!!! welcome pain :(

THIS IS NOT MY HAND!! photo taken from Watie's blog

To be honest with.. I don't really know if whatever shown in the photo, was really done to me.. Thinking back.. instead of having only my hand.. I believe so this was why I was put under general anaesthetic.. Thanks Watie for posting this on your blogpage tooshabby.blogspot.com/2009/02/carpal-syndrome.html ., I wouldn't have any faintest idea if it wasn't for this... and.. jgn marah yea.. kita re-post photo dari blog awak..


Sejak kecil, aku orangnya sangat2 independent.. lahir dari keluarga susah, anak kedua dari 6 org adik beradik.. Mempunyai ibu bapa yang merasakan anak perempuan hanya layak di dapur.. aku puas bersaing dgn arwah abang dalam setiap perkara.. where at the end.. I am acepting the fact.. things are not going to change.. this is just how things are going to be like till end of time for me :( huhuhu..


Terasa payahnya bila segala2nya yang perlu di buat.. memerlukan bantuan org lain.. The first week passed by dengan aku kerap rasa patah semangat... Dalam sehari.. aku cuma makan antara 2 - 3 sudu saja makanan yang mak sediakan.. bukan sebab masakan yang di masak tak sedap.. but mainly because I am using my left hand.. and it was extremly difficult..

Hati jadi sedih sgt2 bila Sarah kata, "Kakak suap ibu nak?.." bila melihat aku berhenti makan.. begitu jugak Aiman bila memujuk, "Nanti ibu lapar kalau tak makan..". "Ibu nak minum tak?", kata2 dari adik tiap kali balik sekolah.. Bottom line is.. guna tangan kiri when having the right to support.. is not the same when you only have the left for everything.. Ever wonder why GOD created things in pair?.. Hmmmm...


Apa2 pun.. bila berada dalam keadaan yang serba kekurangan mcm nie.. banyak mengajar aku.. SABAR itu penting.. sebab tu lah.. SABAR tu di letakkan sebagai sebahagian daripada iman.. tahu dan faham adalah dua perkara yang berbeza.. lebih2 lagi bila melaluinya sendiri dgn cara yg sebegini..

Hati ni melonjak2 nak update dan menjawab all the comments dari teman2 di luar sana.. but.. apakan daya.. keupayaan ku terbatas..

P/S - To those who ever created painkillers... I salute you.. hahaha..

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